Western Forest Products Mid Island Forest Operation is certified to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z-809 standard.

The CSA Group Sustainable Forest Management System (SFM) is a leading forest certification standard in Canada and the first national sustainable forest management standard in the world. The CSA Z-809 SFM Standard is endorsed by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™), the worlds largest forest certification organization. PEFC™ recognizes national or regional certification standards that meet rigorous assessment requirements based on international criteria and indicators.

Forest certification provides assurance to the public and customers that WFP’s forests are managed in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. WFP goes beyond what is required by voluntarily submitting to annual audits conducted by independent third parties to verify that Western’s forest operations meet internationally recognized criteria for Sustainable Forest Management.

For more information on CSA Z-809, please visit: http://www.csasfmforests.ca/

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Forest Management CAN/CSA Z809

All certifications to CSA SFM require:

  • Recognition of environmental, economic, social and cultural values

  • Conservation of biological diversity

  • Ongoing public participation through a Public Advisory Group


Chain of custody

CoC is the process of tracking forest products from their place of origin through all stages of transfer and production to the final consumer as an end product.

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Western forest product

The forests in WFP’s care and the products that come from them are 100% certified by independent auditors to meet the most recognized national and international standards.

850,000 hectares of WFP’s forests are registered under the CSA Z-809 standard.

795,131 hectares of WFP’s forests are registered to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®(SFI®).